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Meet our last dog of summer - Otto the 1 year old Lab/Dalmatian/Hound Mix from Colorado!  This adventurous dog never forgets to sport this thrifty bowties even on his hikes.  He is a little ball of energy that wakes up and falls asleep with a smile and his tail wagging.  He absolutely loves meeting new people and dogs so much he can hardly contain his excitement, but he is the most focused and relaxed when he's hiking on trails and enjoying nice scenery + hiking snacks with his human.

From his owner: "Last year on my birthday, I applied to adopt Otto from a rescue organization in Fort Collins. His cute little face stole my heart right away, and I was in love before we ever met! The adoption coordinator warned me that he might be sad or cry for the first few nights, since he had been used to being with the other puppies. He happily curled up against me, and licked me for a good 10 minutes before bed. Still does so every night to this day. My dog truly is my best friend, and has changed my life. We do everything together, and I could not imagine the world without his brightness in it. He has taught me to love more deeply, have more patience, laugh often, and stop to sniff the roses (or in his case-grass) more often. My dog makes me laugh every single day. My wish for him is to know how deeply loved he is, and how important he is to me. I could not have picked a better best friend, and I am so thankful to the people that saved him!"

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