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We give thanks this month to the members of our military and our veterans who have served our great nation.  In honor of Veteran's Day, we are happy to share a heartwarming story of this rescue dog and his owner. Dawson not only is his owner's faithful companion, he also plays a very important role as a PTSD service dog. 

From Dawson's owner: "Dawson literally came into my life to save it. The United States military is approximately 1% of the population, and 22 Veterans a day commit suicide. Something happens to a person when they come home from war. For a percentage of that 1% we can't get away from our thoughts that take us to a very dark place. Some of us can't step away from the ledge and we will always live in that space. This isn't because we are broken, but because we have a deeper understanding of empathy and compassion. I personally walk this line everyday.

Dawson came into my life through a program in Maine called K9s on the Front Lines (with with training provided by North Edge K9) by way of Alabama and fostering in Massachusetts. I got Dawson when he was 7 months old a couple days before Christmas. He is here to keep me in the present and only looking at the 5 seconds that are right in front of me. When I'm scared and have found myself in public unable to cope and on the verge of tears, he's the one that nudges my hand and as to say, "We Got This". His faithfulness to me is UN-wavering. He's in my life like so many other veteran service dogs are in their veterans lives. To make us the confident people we once were. I could talk for hours about Dawson. He is my anchor."

Read more about Dawson and check out his full feature on our Facebook page!


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