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When new members enter the family circle, it definitely shakes up the dynamic.  It took some time for Kirby to get adjusted to his new role as big brother, but we are looking forward to the bond that will grow between him and his baby sister.

If your fur baby is a brother or sister, we'd love to hear your story!  Tell us about your experience with dogs and kids, whether it be tips for a happy home or your favorite memories and bonding moments. 


  • Posted On August 29, 2017 by Lisa R.

    We have two fur pups, Pip & Pica. They both reacted differently when we brought home our first (human) baby, Marco. Pica thought Marco was her’s, while Pip was pretty annoyed by his arrival, since he was previously the spoiled fur baby of the fam.

    It took some time but Pip definitely loves his little bro now. He is protective, and he also learned how to go find our son when we say, “Pip, show me the baby”.

    I think Pica is a little tired of our energetic 1.5 year old. Pica is pushing maybe 10 pounds now, so she is now smaller than our son, and Marco likes to just bear hug her and lay on her like she is a toy.

    In the past year and a half there have been so many precious moments with all three of their interactions, from getting Marco to crawl/walk/now run by trying to chase after them and to Marco saying one of his first words, “dog!”

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